Cuban Jazz at VROCC, Saturday, October 22

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016 10:45 By Augusto Socìas

You are invited to enjoy Di Evano's rhythms & textures, which evoke the richness of Cuba and other Latin American music and culture. 

This event is part of VROCC's first ever fundraising campaign so please support our mission and help us to continue inspiring, teaching and perpetuating. 

Join the Movement. Get your Ticket now!! 
VROCC Fundraiser Campaign

Currently, VROCC is in need of your kind support to continue offering its programs to our community.  In 2017, VROCC will be moving to the old East Boston Public Library building located on Meridian St. and this money will help to alleviate the costs of months left in the current building and to pay our very supportive staff. 

If you can't attend our events please make your contribution online. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

VROCC Family

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